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Brown is a great color for a tree branch, bark or even dirt, but when it comes to your lawn, only green will do.
AMAD-ASSAD-PAUL-COSTA-DIY-YARD-CRASHERSUnfortunately California’s lack of rainfall and current water restrictions, have made it increasingly difficult to keep your lawn a beautiful shade of green. There is a way to make sure your lawn will look picture perfect through the sizzling summer as well as the cold winter months. It’s TuFFGrass!

TuFFGrass is the perfect choice for an entire lawn, putting green or even a bocce court. The company was founded by Annie and Paul Costa in 1998 and is one of the top companies in the country to cater to residential and commercial installations of synthetic grass.
DIY-YARD-CRASHERS-PROJECT“It all started when Annie wanted to give me a putting green for my birthday,” Paul said. “While we both loved the look of natural grass, neither of us were interested in all of the maintenance a real grass putting green required.”

That’s when the couple began to research the artificial turf industry. Their initial installation training was facilitated by a company that specialized in sports ?elds. They soon discovered the installations they encountered were not ?at and rectangular like sports ?elds.

artificial-greens-sacramento (79)“We developed our own installation techniques,” Paul said. “It wasn’t only the slope and shape of a yard, but the soil conditions that determined how we installed each job. We are now pro?cient at installations with soft edges or no edges for landscaping. These techniques are different throughout the country.”

Making sure the integrity of the installation is done correct is critical in how arti?cial grass looks and holds up. Annie and Paul are the founding members of the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers, an international organization designed to help establish standards and guidelines for installers of residential and commercial synthetic grass projects.

“Our goal with founding the trade association was to make sure all synthetic grass installers have the correct information they need for the best installation practices,” Paul said.

WAG PET HOTEL - ARTIFICIAL GRASS FOR DOGSWith a name like TuFFGrass, not only can you expect durability, but also the natural look and feel of real grass. Because it won’t stain, it’s perfect for pets and is installed in numerous dog kennels throughout the country including Folsom Dog Resort and Training Center in Folsom and WAG Pet Hotels in West Sacramento and San Francisco. Each TuFFGrass installation is engineered for water shed through the surface. With 32 different blends of arti?cial grass from which to choose, there is de?nitely a blend that will suit your taste and your
pet’s needs.

Governor's Mansion 008 (Copy)One of the grass blends caught the attention of former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver who were interested in an area of artificial grass at the state capitol when Schwarzenegger was in office. Paul recalled a few challenges with the job including only having one day to complete a ?ve day project! It all worked out and once the installation was completed, Annie and Paul earned a personal visit with the governor and ? rst lady of California. They also received a personal invitation from the ?rst lady to attend their annual holiday gathering.

Working at the state capitol hasn’t been the only time TuFFGrass has been in the public eye. In 2009 Big Table Media, a Sacramento-based television production company approached Paul to ?lm their ?rst Yard Crashers episode for the DIY network. Five years and 18 shows later, TuFFGrass has become a national name.

Once again the TuFFGrass crew had a very short time frame to complete the job. Paul said he was asked to install a project in 32 to 48 hours that would normally take four to ?ve days.

Portions of this article have been reprinted with permission from Marianne
McKnight on Behalf of TuFFGrass.

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