Artificial Grass for Dogs


Artificial grass lawns for your dogs are brilliant!

All of our dogs love their TuFFGrass artificial grass lawn. We have 4 dogs - 2 outdoor pups that spend most of their time in the yard and 2 others that are the "indoor" types. 

They run, jump play and even poop - it all happens on the artificial grass lawn, so there's no worries!

We love our artificial lawn for our dogs!

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Residential - Commercial

For BEST Results - Keep the Area Fresh With Regular Grooming & Removing Debris

Control Odors with Apple Cider Vinegar & Safe, Effective Natural Enzyme Cleaners; Apply as Needed.

Grooming Tips For K9 Grass - HERE

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Artificial "K9" grass for lawns for dogs ...

Won't stain, easy to keep clean, deodorize, and it's durable - no more mud/dust!

TuFFGrass, is built using our high performance installation guidelines, to insure permeable surfaces.

That means doggie bath day can be right on the lawn and you won't have to worry about mud, mess or damaging real grass with shampoos!

Artificial grass can survive - even thrive - through all that!

Installed properly, TuFFGrass solutions for dogs are incredibly durable, stain and odor resistant, low maintenance and beautiful. The Perfect Artificial Grass Lawn area!

Grooming Tips For K9 Grass - HERE

Artificial turf is a safe lawn for kids & dogs:

Pet kennels, vet clinics, doggy daycare & hotels, side yards and other clever uses.

TuFFGrass Artificial Turf Grass for Dogs