Artificial grass is ready – rain or shine!

“It’s always ready, rain or shine!” shared Stefani when asked why she decided to invest in an artificial grass lawn area instead of going “natural”. “We love to play and hang out on our turf! Best part of the yard. I’m not bugging my husband to cut the grass or deal with the weeds before company comes!”

The Norvilles had been considering artificial grass for more than 10 years!  “After many years of always having grass, we realized no one likes to play on natural grass! We wanted a totally functional and fun backyard and our Tuffgrass has given us that. We can come out barefoot anytime and have a great surface to walk, run or sit on. Even after a rain, it’s quickly ready for use, again. We never have to deal with bugs, wetness, dirt, and the mess.”

Though drought is no longer a pressing issue here in Northern California, the Norvilles will save over 130,000 gallons of water a year, along with the cost and maintenance of an irrigation system and natural lawn!  Saving time on typical maintenance, other than blowing off leaves, during the fall, there’s little upkeep, meaning more time for family fun!.

A job, well done, with state-of-the-art products and quality installation techniques will enhance the value of your landscape, just like any permanent product such as pavers, gardens, patios and pools.  “I would highly recommend investing in artificial grass! Natural grass is nothing but money and maintenance and I guarantee it will still never look as good as your artificial grass!”

Today’s artificial grass styles are so natural looking; they feel like grass, and are so durable, they can handle heavy traffic from kids and pets!  New styles have two layers of yarn blades – one is short and somewhat curly; we call it “thatch”; while the longer, primary blades are taller – from 1 1/4 to over 2 inches in height!  Styles have several shades of yarn fiber colors and mirror natural grass such as rye, fescue and blue-grass seed or sod without all of the hassles or effort!
artificial grass for play yard, trampoline, yard gamesOne of the most important aspects of an artificial grass installation is the site preparation!  ALL organic material, roots, grass, weeds, and amended soils must be removed to the native soil layer which is covered with a layer of construction quality soil stabilizing fabric.  Once that is complete a 3 to 4 inch layer of permeable crushed aggregate is typically installed and compacted to desired level.  Edges are cleaned up and the artificial grass is then laid in place, cut, seamed, anchored and then an acrylic coated silica granule is installed on top of the grass; called infill, this material adds weight to hold the turf materials in place and also hold the blades upright, even under extreme traffic and weather.
Completely porous – the artificial grass will allow rain and snow melt to percolate right through the surfaces, quickly – making the whole area stable, durable and ever-green, year round and for many years to come. Perfect for yard games such as cornhole, ring toss, tug-of-war, baby pools, dog agility, catch, even badmitton and volleyball.
When asked why they chose TuFFGrass to build their project over all the other companies available in the area, Stefani replied
“We chose TuFFGrass because of Paul and Annie (the founders). We know products can be similar but the installation, attention to detail and customer service is what was most important.”
To reach TuFFGrass and discuss your own project and how artificial grass can transform your lawn – call them at 916-741-336 or 530-432-8175; Check out their project galleries, online, at  Free estimates, state of the art installation standards and quality materials, all made in the USA. CSLB #849305 – BBB/A+ Rating – Angie’s List – PACE Financing.