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California Artificial Turf Grass Rebates for Lawns



Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass
Water REBATE Programs




You apply for your rebate directly – applications are generally available online or call the agency and request one.

You must own the property or the property owner must be willing to take the steps to apply for the rebate, directly.

You follow program steps and requirements – applications are generally available online or call the agency and request one.

Most rebate program require that you LEAVE EXISTING LANDSCAPING IN PLACE UNTIL AFTER YOUR FIRST PROGRAM SITE INSPECTION – An agency representative will arrange an appointment with you to view the site and look at the construction plan and materials; this step happens before your project is approved for the rebate.

Most rebate programs are funded AFTER an agency’s representative has stopped by to do a final onsite inspection of the results of the construction.

Rebates are not available in all areas!  The California Dept of Water Resources statewide rebate program does NOT cover the use of artificial turf grass materials – any other drought resistant landscaping – on site – is covered so make sure you check here if you are renovating irrigation, drainage, or planting drought tolerant plants; that is covered!


We have gathered links to active or pending artificial grass and synthetic turf rebate programs. These programs are administered by the groups, organizations and agencies listed; many are on a first come/first serve basis. All programs have application processes; limitations and restrictions.

To see where drought levels are at in the USA – see this site:


Sacramento County CA

California American Water Rebate Program:

For more information on how to save water or on rebates for energy efficient appliances, call your local conservation representative:

Northern California Areas:

Larkfield: Margaret.DiGenova (at) 707-542-8329

Sacramento: rebecca.cassidy (at) 916-568-4236


Roseville CA

Cash For Grass Rebate Program

Due to overwhelming demand, a waiting list has been established and new applications are being taken in the order in which they were received.  To place your name on the waiting list, please submit your completed application and you will be contacted when funding is available. 

Download the Cash for Grass application or

call 774-5761 for more information.

Note from City of Roseville: Due to the implementation of mandatory drought restrictions, the program will now accept stressed or dying lawns if a dated photograph of living turf is submitted with the program application. 

Non-living turf must remain intact

until pre-inspection is performed.


Folsom CA

Cash for Grass / Lawn Replacement

Folsom Water Rebate applicationclick here
Rebate terms & conditionsclick here


Reservations for rebate funding for the Cash for Grass /
Lawn Replacement and Irrigation Efficiency Upgrade
programs are full.  Please sign up using the electronic form
below to be added to the waiting list.
Rebates are not retroactive, so please wait until
you have been approved to begin your project.

Click & Reserve your spot in the
Folsom’s water conservation rebate

Cash for Grass / Lawn Replacement Program

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