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Synthetic Grass for Lawns

Artificial Grass Lawn 01

Artificial Grass Lawns

artificial-greens-sacramento (87)Spring flowers bloom along the edge of this lush artificial grass lawn area in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

When most people think of artificial grass, they think of football fields or putting greens. These monochromatic swathes of green never look real, and could never be mistaken for natural grass.

TuffGrass is different – we pride ourselves on making our turf as realistic as possible. We use turf with multiple types of strands and a variety of colors to add that beautiful lush depth that our customers know and love. Even more important than look is, of course, feel. Our grass moves and bends in a natural way and comes in a variety of heights and textures to suit your needs. We want to make sure that our customers get exactly the look they want, our product lasts for years and years.

Artificial Lawns - Grass Play Areas

Artificial lawns made from synthetic grass are very beautiful - the best synthetic grass won't look fake - it will look exactly like real grass - except this lawn is more durable and will last longer, with less headaches, than any natural grass lawn could! AND - YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO WATER OR MOW YOUR LAWN AGAIN!

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