Artificial Turf Grass Bocce Ball Courts

Residential & Club Bocce Courts
Using Artificial Turf Grass Surfaces

Our standard installation of an artificial turf grass bocce ball court includes all the materials needed to create a permeable surface, that will drain, vertically and perform to expectations.

Bocce courts come in all sorts of sizes – residential courts can be any size that works for you. 

For clubs and courts for groups our
standard size = 12’ wide x 60’ long = 720 SF



Lincoln Hills & Roseville, CA – Sun City Homes

12 courts – all the courts were built by the developer – in ground, with drainage channels beneath the turf area



Backyard bocce court with concrete edges and rubber side walls (right)

Hard sidewalls are enhanced using a ¼ inch rubber ‘bumper” applied with glue



Side yard bocce court with pressure treated wood side walls (right) can improve the fun of any unused area!

KRYLON PAINT for lines vs seaming in colored turf

The for public, club and home courts – each time you cut your surface and seam it together, you introduce a potential point of failure, in the future.  Sooner or later adhesives fail and seams may need attention.

“PERMANENT” LINES CAN BE ADDED USING A SPECIAL PAINT, designed to perform, indoor and outdoor, on plastic products, of all types.  Look at options from Krylon(R). We find that heavily used courts will require paint to be reapplied – so so, as needed.

Check the website for paint for artificial grass bocce courts – more details!


Grooming your bocce court

Typical maintenance may include keeping the area free of debris using a leaf blower and occasional “rolling” of the surface to remove “ball marks” from aggressive ball tossing.



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