How we install your artificial grass

  • Artificial grass base installation in Sacramento CA

Typical artificial turf grass installation will include:

When we design your project and estimate the materials we are going to need to deliver on your ideal artificial turf grass project - a variety of things are considered.

Site preparation

  • Excavation, haul and dump
  • Modifications to irrigation, drainage


  • Any components needed for adds, modifications, or repairs to irrigation and drainage systems
  • Under-layment fabric (construction grade weed, insect and rodent barrier)
  • Compactable aggregate base (generally 3/4 Minus - AB or Road base - NEW)
  • Artificial turf grass infill granules - acrylic coated quartz - semi-round
  • Artificial turf grass
  • Seaming supplies, when needed
  • Perimeter re-enforcing nails to tack edges

SIDE VIEW of a typical artificial turf grass lawn installation:

How we build your artificial turf grass project - Roseville, CA
How we build your artificial turf grass project - in Northern California



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