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Pet Hotel & Daycare
Training Center

  • artificial grass dog kennel
  • indoor & outdoor exercise areas
  • promotional panel w/ logo
  • drainage

Safe and Fun by Design

Discover the best approach to pet care!  WAG Pet Hotels provide full service and safe, clean and fun play areas – USING ARTIFICIAL GRASS FOR KENNELS by TuFFGrass at their Sacramento, San Francisco and Redwood City hotel properties!

You can enjoy WAG Pet Hotels in Oakland, Redwood City, San Francisco and Sacramento, CA

All Day Play


Give your dog a fun-filled day of supervised play (7am to 7pm), hanging out and making friends with other dogs. Your pet will romp around, laugh with our staff, nap and do what dogs love to do – play!

Room to Play

  • Themed parties throughout the year including Valentine’s Day and Halloween
  • Large play areas with dogs of compatible size, temperament, and play style
  • Indoor and outdoor play space
  • Seasonal Camps – a week of fun (Camp includes splash day, craft day, sport days, etc.)

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