The best things about artificial grass

What are the top 10 + reasons to buy & install artificial turf grass?

Provide a safe, durable, lush lawn, all year long – rain or shine!

  1. Ever Green & Lush, Year Round
  2. Safe for Kids & Pets
  3. Easy to Clean & Groom
  4. Great in Any Weather
  5. Rain & Snow Melt Drains Vertically
  6. Great on Slopes, Concrete, Roofs
  7. Won’t Stain | Fade Resistant
  8. Fire Safe | No Heavy Metals | No Crumb Rubber
  9. HOA APPROVED! Meet or exceeds most ARC Specs
  10. Eliminate Lawn Chores
  11. Eliminate Fertilizers, Feeding
  12. Eliminate Kid & Pet Lawn Allergies
  13. Eliminate Mud & Dust
  14. Save Water & Irrigation Costs
  15. Save on Electricity, System Repairs & Maintenance

Artificial Grass is now HOA Approved in CA!

TuFFGrass meets or exceeds your HOA-ARC Specs*

Proudly Serving Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Folsom, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Antelope, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Chicago Park, Colfax, Cool, Penn Valley & Beyond.

*Design and performance specifications may be defined by your HOA, County or City CC&Rs.

Our Approved HOA Install Specs

How to Groom Your Artificial Grass