Why is weed barrier important for your artificial grass install?

Take a look at what happens when you don't use weed barrier under the aggregate layer and up the side-walls of your artificial grass base installation.

The featured shows the area under an artificial grass install that is butting up to a driveway which is washed and blown off of debris, on a regular basis. 

What happens to all the run off, dirt, stones and other debris?  It gets caught at the edges of the artificial grass! 

When it accumulates - it's hard to get rid of, if there's no fabric on the edge to protect the base layer.   Click Here for IMAGE

It only needs 4-6 inches of weed barrier fabric, folded over the top of base, to help make outside edges stable and easy to groom.

Also - the dirt, soil and stones that accumulate at the edge encourage ant, worm and weed infestations, over time.  Take  a look at our building specification - you will see we use weed barrier fabrics on every artificial grass project!  Click Here for IMAGE

It can even help with rodent control - acting as a barricade to pesky rodents; moles, voles and gophers!

This can be avoided properly installing weed barrier fabrics for your artificial grass project!

Artificial grass lawn edge against a driveway showing weeds and dirt - how to use weed barrier fabrics to avoid
Artificial grass edge is stuffed with soil, small rocks and debris causing worms, ants and weeds to invade.

Artificial grass edge that has collected soil, small rocks, weeds
The edge would benefit from being cleared of the soils, however, without the fabric there at the edge - you must take care to not change the level of the base as you scrap away the soil and debris.

Artificial grass lawn edge that has been turned back and shows dirt accumlated underneath
The soil has given worms a chance to move in and contribute to even more dirt accumulating at this edge.

You can see the edge of the compacted base and the dirt that has gathered under the edge of the turf
You can see the edge of the compacted base and the dirt that has gathered under the edge of the turf at the driveways edge - and a few seedling sprouts & small worms that have moved in!


Look at how we build with fabrics!

Click to see how we build your project - even a basic lawn requires quality engineering!

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