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Golf is at the heart of our business - we have worked closely, over the years, with SAY Golf (now 1st TEE) and love playing the game, ourselves.

Knowing how to play and loving the game of golf makes a HUGE difference in how we approach the design and build of your project!

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artificial-greens-sacramento (96) Artificial Putting Green Sacramento

We have proudly built artificial turf grass practice putting greens for golfers looking for a challenging surface and fun amenity for their homes or businesses in the Sacramento area since 1998. We have built greens and golf projects in residential backyards, acreage and rural properties, commercial sites, schools and community centers.
We work with polyethylene (PE)*, multi-tone putting green surfaces where the artificial grass is densely woven into a unitary dimensional stable backing for maximum performance on practice greens for residential and commercial use. *(Nylon and Polypropylene styles are also available.)
Our customers are looking for the best quality and a surface that will deliver. We don't skimp on anything when we deliver you a TuFFGrass artificial grass or synthetic turf practice putting green, target green, tee, chipping or pitch and putt project.
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How We Build Artificial Greens

To deliver the highest performance green, we prefer using

  • Polyethylene (PE) textured fibers, for residential practice, parks and recreation and indoor projects
  • Our artificial turf grass is backed with a state-of-the-art duo-layered backing that holds yarn tufting true and provides  maximum dimensional stability.
  • INFILL - semi-round, resin coated infill is used to top-dress your surface to tighten the surface blade structure and help define speed
  • ParAide 6 inch aluminum cups, flags and sticks

Artificial Putting Green Sacramento

TuFFGrass surface selection of this material allows us to define break, undulation and speed for everyone's skill level and desire.

Our Base Construction is the BEST in the Biz

Your putting green isn't going anywhere! No shifting of infill - NO movement of the BASE - that means MORE FUN and less headaches for YOU!
artificial-greens-sacramento (21)We use 6 inches engineered base of compactable aggregate materials, soil stabilizing fabrics for weed, root, insect and rodent control and ParAide tournament quality 6 inch aluminum cups, flags and poles.
We don't skimp on anything when it comes to your new practice green - projects from 300 SF to over 30,000 SF.


TuFFGrass putting green is a surface designed for Par 3 Green play; ball response for chip and pitch shots, along with a remarkably responsive and true practice putting surface.

INFILL is the KEY to a True Ball Response and Roll

TuFFGrass prefers to design and build using infilled systems which are more complex to build but tend to require less maintenance, grooming and deliver great play, for you, for years with little more than a roll, here and there, to keep the surfaces at their peek speed.


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