Folsom Dog Resort


Folsom Dog Reseort - artificial grass dog play yard
Folsom Dog Reseort - artificial grass dog play yard

Doggie Daycare

The Folsom Dog Resort & K9 Training Center has over 12,000 square feet of safe outdoor artificial turf grass for your dog to enjoy.

Your dog will receive the optimum amount of play and exercise for his physical and mental well being. He’ll have lots of similarly-sized playmates to romp with, but individual play is also available for less social or older dogs. The play area is continuously monitored by our highly trained staff, ensuring your dog’s enjoyment and safety.

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Learn More About Folsom Dog Resort's Dog Daycare & Dog Grooming

From basic baths and brushing to oral hygiene and nail clipping, we can customize a program that will have your dog smelling fresh and looking great. Regular bathing and grooming will also result in less shedding and give your dog a healthier coat and skin. The services are offered to overnight or day care guests but are also available in between visits to keep your dog looking his best.

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