How Energy Efficient Windows Effect Artificial Turf Grass

Apex, N.C. — Energy-efficient windows make up more than 90 percent of all new window installations in the U.S., according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders. But they can become problematic for homeowners when sunlight bounces off the windows and is so intense that it can melt siding on houses and parts of vehicles.


John Shafer – Green Maltese – Indiana

As the above headline illustrates – Energy Efficient Windows (also known as E-Windows) have some built-in risks in their use if the sun reflects off their surfaces. Not only natural landscape materials and lawns are at risk! With the increase in the use of artificial grass – we are now seeing that artificial grass surfaces can also be at risk of being damaged by glare off of window panes; if the sun shines glare off of them, directed at the lawn; just as are other surfaces might be at risk – siding, out door furniture, and other surfaces – when exposed to the intense glare.

Artificial grass will not combust like bark, wood or grass can!

Exposed to temperatures in excess of 250+ degrees (centigrade), artificial grass may melt and become unusable – however – unlike bark, wood and other combustible materials – it will not create further issues, such as open fire that can happen to bark or other flammable materials, if exposed to the intense rays of the sun reflecting off of the E-Window.

John Shafer – Green Maltese – Indiana

Primarily – the risk of damage or fire relates to where the sun’s rays might shine onto and then reflect from!

No sun exposure means no glare – and no glare means virtually no risk of your E-Windows creating problems for your natural landscape, artificial grass or other outdoor elements and assets!

Damage is not covered under warranties – so it’s best to mention you have E-Windows if we haven’t asked, when we come by to do your estimate.


to avoid artificial grass, lawn and landscape damage when using E-Windows that are exposed to intense sun reflections.

Start by determining if you have an issue. Existing windows will have already created dry or dead areas in your yard; newly installed e-windows may have to be monitored, to see if an issue will crop up, overtime. If plants and natural lawn are damaged or appear to be overly dry – you may have an issue. It might also only occur at certain times of the year or day.

If you have e-windows, are already experiencing issues and want to use artificial grass, bark, other plants or outdoor elements and find that sun glare reflecting off your windows may be a problem – simply use either a window tint, standard shade screen or window treatment to deflect the glare!

5 On Your Side suggests that planting shrubs in front of the windows or using other methods, like awnings to cover the window and defuse the sun’s rays, are also options.