Our popular artificial grass rolled-edge!

Here are some examples of our popular artificial grass "rolled-edge"

Bender board edges are a thing of the past!  We have been using this dynamic, flexible ROLLED-EDGE building specification for more than 15 years!

By "rolling" the edge - we have complete flexibility of how the edge will "run" - we can create square and straight edges or curving, natural looking edges yet provide a stable and durable solution that will last and last!

The example, below, is ideal - the hard edge of the pool decking is setting our level for our base and the surfaces will end, at the garden, with our rolled-edge trim, back-filled with a chunky red-wood bark.



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We can use almost any type of "ground" cover - rock, cobble, barks, lava rock, and other larger, decorative stones

TuFFGrass' Popular "Rolled-Edge" Innovative Techniques - Inspire Design Flexibility

Unique to our own set of innovative installation techniques - many contractors are now ditching bender board and adopting our "Rolled-Edge".

This proven technique provides for a stable edge allowing us to design and build in almost any shape and level that the artificial grass can be installed. We can also add additional "rodent controls" to deter invasion of the little fuzzy varmints that might frequent your world.